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Banana Strawberry Split

RM 15.00

Get the full ice cream shop experience with all the works when you take a hit of our ultra-tasty Banana Split e-juice. Banana Split combines ice cream, banana, whip cream, and delicious strawberry fruit flavors to delight the senses of vapors everywhere.

Peanut Coffee

RM 15.00

Peanut Coffee eliquid has a taste that sits perfectly between sweet and creamy. On inhale, a peanut flavour develops, bringing with it dark notes of coffee. This is blended with a smooth milk flavour on exhale, all of which is complemented by sugary notes of a rich peanut syrup for a decadent finish.

Taro Milk Cake

RM 15.00

Taro is a type of root that finds its place frequently in Asian cooking. With its sweet, unique taste, it works wonderfully boiled into a tea. Vape Tea E Liquid adds a creaminess with the perfect amount of milk that turns this vape juice into a delightful, dessert like drink. Taro Milk is a fantastic option for those looking to expand their palate.